Monday, March 26, 2012

Auto Repair That Anyone Can Do

Many car owners feel pride and accomplishment at doing some of their own auto repair. From changing a tire to changing the oil, there are lots of things that a person can do on their own to instill confidence and pride in ownership. There are four things that even the most unskilled mechanic should be able to do on her own.

First of all, the tires are an area that is both the most likely to fail and the most simple to fix. Every driver should be able to change a flat and put the spare on. If you do not know how, find someone who does and have them show you. If you don't know anyone, look in the owner's manual or watch one of the hundreds of videos on the Internet.

Next, be sure that you know where all the tools for the job are located. The time to discover where the jack and tire iron are located in your vehicle is not in the dark and in the rain in the middle of the night. Instead, look and find them before there is an emergency. As part of understanding tires, it is good to own a pressure gauge and know how to read it so that you can keep the psi at the right level. This small thing can improve performance and reduce the risk of wear and tear.

A couple of additional things that you need to know is how to check fluid levels and how to refill them. Look in the owner's manual and determine where the dipsticks are for coolants and oil in the engine of the car. This small bit of advice will do wonders in stopping the destruction and loss of the engine. Without either of these two fluids, the system will quickly shut down and in a worst-case scenario, the engine could seize. If this happens, basically the only solution is an entirely new engine. That is expensive and unnecessary. If you can read a dipstick and pour in more oil and coolant if need be, you should be able to avoid this costly situation.

Auto repair is relatively easy when it comes to the things that can and should be done on one's own. Any one can do any of these simple maintenance chores. As easy as these few things are, the easiest thing in the world to do for auto repair is just to bring the car into the shop every three months or whenever scheduled for maintenance. This will do more to catch problems and address them than any other possible skill or ability.


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